Application Guide for Jeonju Cinema Project 2020

‘JCP: NEXT EDITION’ is a project pitching program to select an international project for ‘Jeonju Cinema Project 2020.’ The final project selected as Jeonju Cinema Project through ‘2nd JCP: NEXT EDITION’ will receive investment up to approx. 100 million KRW, and should be world premiered at 21st Jeonju IFF in 2020.

Selection Progress

  • A. Pre-selection: 5-10 projects would be selected based on the submitted documentations by JCP Selection Committee. Pre-selection results would be announced at the end of March, 2019.
  • B. Pitch: Pre-selected projects will attend the pitching program to be held during Jeonju Project Market.
  • C. Final Selection: One final selected project would be announced at Jeonju Project Market Award Ceremony by Jury Committee.
  • For pre-selected projects, at least one representative should be present for the pitching held during Jeonju Project Market. (Jeonju IFF covers a round-trip flight ticket, accommodation and accreditation for 1 participant per 1 project for attending the pitch)

Selection Criteria

The artistic quality of an application is the main criteria for selection. Each individual project will be considered on its own merits, but there are certain limits as below:

  • A. The project should be a new project of director/producer who has directed/produced at least one feature film
  • B. The Project should be for a feature film with theatrical potential (minimum length 60 minutes)
  • C. The total budget of the project should not exceed 900,000 USD.
  • D. The project can be in different stages of development, but a complete film script should be available before the pitching for Jury Committee’s consideration.
  • E. The Project can be funded or invested by other organizations or funding programs except other film festivals may apply. (Include the name of the organization or funding program and the total amount in the production budget.)

Jeonju Cinema Project Key Terms and Conditions

  • 1. The final selected project as Jeonju Cinema Project must have their world premieres at the 21st Jeonju IFF in 2020(hereafter known as “Jeonju IFF”).
  • 2. The final one selected project can receive maximum budget of 100 million KRW(approximately 90,000 USD). Since withholding tax shall be deducted from the total amount of fund given, in accordance with the Korean tax law, the actual amount of earnings may vary, depending on the tax rate and the tax treaty between Korea and the director’s (or producer’s) country of origin.
  • 3. Jeonju IFF shall be exclusively entitled to exercise the film’s copyright in Korea, and directors (or producers) of selected film shall in one country they choose. Regarding revenue generated outside of the two countries, Jeonju IFF has the right to claim the profit based on the rate of investment in the production cost or the share ratio agreed upon the contract. (In case a Korean co-production company in on board, take an exception for the film's copyright in Korea.)
  • 4. Under the prior agreement with Jeonju IFF, directors (or producers) of selected films can freely apply for additional funding or attract investment for filmmaking.
  • 5. Jeonju IFF has the right to request to insert a film leader, logos or names in the beginning and at the end credits of the film, but shall never interfere with any editing except for the subjects listed above.


  • 1. 20th December, 2018 – 30th January, 2019 (Until KST 24:00)
  • 2. Required information for Pre-selection
    • A. Application Form
      • The Application form will be made available on
      • The following information is required in the form:
        • General info (title, production country, type of film),
        • Technical Info (running time, shooting format, color, languages),
        • Financial info (total budget in USD, secured financing)
        • Production Scheme (status, schedule)
        • Film Credits(name, filmography, biography and contact details of director & producer)
    • B. Additional
      • Treatment (max. 3 pages, sending in a script instead of a treatment is not allowed)
      • Detailed Production Schedule
      • Detailed Production Budget and Financial Plan
      • Previous work of the director (online available on streaming platform, vimeo and youtube)
      • Visual references (All types of materials such as photographs, videos, or mood boards are acceptable)
      • Trailer (optional)

      All materials should be written in English. These materials(PDF or word documents) should be submitted online or sent to the following email address:

  • 3. Additional Contents for Pitch Presentation
    • Presentation materials should be prepared in advance including additional contents below and brief introduction of the project.

      • Complete Script (Essential)
      • Production Progress (Essential)
      • Visual References (Essential)
      • Trailer or Rough cut (Optional)

Contact Information for Submission Inquiry

Project Market Dept.

Tel: +82 (0)2 2285-0562