JEONJU Cinema Project

JEONJU Cinema Project:

Call for JEONJU Cinema Project 2023

JEONJU International Film Festival launched a system of call for JEONJU Cinema Project international projects selection.

JEONJU Cinema Project is a feature film production program of JEONJU IFF. Since its launch in 2014, JEONJU Cinema Project has domestically and internationally supported world-recognized filmmakers by funding films each year.

In order to improve international contribution to our film scene, JEONJU IFF launched ‘JEONJU Cinema Project: NEXT EDITION’, starting at 10th JEONJU Project Market (JPM). Through this challenge, JEONJU IFF would expand the scale to support auteurs in various spectra world widely.

Followings are main regulations for JEONJU Cinema Project: NEXT EDITION. For details regarding the submission and selection, please refer to the Application Guide attached.

Submission Regulations

  • A. Deadline: January 13th, 2022
  • B. Please read our application guide thoroughly in advance.
  • C. Please check the web page and submitted all materials by online.
  • D. All materials should be written in English

  • ** All submissions for JEONJU Cinema Project will be reviewed by JEONJU Cinema Project Selection Committee.
  • ** No fees required for the Submission.

Selection Progress

The artistic quality of an application is the main criteria for selection. Each individual project will be considered on its own merits, but there are certain limits as below:

  • A. Pre-Selection: 5-10 projects selected by JEONJU Cinema Project Selection Committee based on submitted documentations.
  • B. Pitch: Presentation of pre-selected projects during the festival.
  • C. Final Selection: Announcement at JEONJU Project Awards. (May 3rd, 2022)

General Criteria

  • A. Final project can receive maximum budget of 100 million KRW (approx. 90,000 USD).
  • B. For pre-selected projects, at least one representative should be present for the pitch held during the festival.
  • C. JEONJU IFF covers accommodation and accreditation for 1 participant per 1 project for attending the pitch.
  • D. The final selected project must be world premiered at 24th JEONJU IFF which will be held in 2023.


A. Tel: +82-2-2285-0562
B. Tel: +82-2-2285-0560
C. E-mail:

If you have any inquiries regarding submission, please reach us via contacts above.