JEONJU Cinema Project


Calls for JEONJU Cinema Project

JEONJU Cinema Project is one of the major programs of JEONJU IFF, which supports the production and investment of independent feature-length art films from the world.

* Starting this year, JEONJU Cinema Project has recruited films at all times of the year, not for certain times.

Selection Criteria

  • A. Requirement: a feature-length video content at a stage of development or production
    ① a fictional film at any stage of production, but with a complete script
    ② a documentary film at any stage of production after a complete development
    ③ an experimental film or media work at any stage of production after a complete development
  • B. Eligibility: a film production company(s) or producer(s)
    ※ a main participant(s) holding the copyright of the film
    ① in the case of individuals: a director who has directed at least one feature film
    ② in the case of companies
    a production company or producer who has a film business license and has produced at least one feature film
  • C. Awards
    ① a total support fund: maximum budget of 100 million KRW
    ※ Fund will be paid in installments depending on the stage of production.
    ※ The number of selections and prize money may be adjusted based on the evaluation result.


The artistic quality of an application is the main criteria for selection. Each individual project will be considered on its own merits, but there are certain limits as below:

  • A. Application period: all times of the year
    ➔ Individual contact will be followed up within a month of submission.
  • B. Documents Required
    ① application form (attached file)
    ② production plan
    ③ complete script
    ④ portfolio
    ⑤ detailed production budget and financial plan
    ⑥ production schedule
    ⑦ consent to collection and use of personal information (attached file)
    ⑧ copyright Reservation Confirmation (attached file)
    ⑨ Optional documents (only if there are additional documents as below.)
    - outward investment contract
    - distribution contract
    - actor casting contract
    - production portfolio
    ※ Please go through the attached Checklist for JEONJU Cinema Project’s required documents.
    ※ All documents except “⑨optional documents” should be submitted. If essential documents are not submitted, the application will be canceled
  • C. How to apply
    ① access the website of JEONJU IFF’s entry page (
    ② click JEONJU Cinema Project in JEONJU Project → download attachments
    ③ send your documents as an e-mail ( attached files

Evaluation and selection

  • A. Jury members
    in-house judges of JEONJU IFF
  • B. Selection progress
    ① document evaluation: required documents, originality, film possibility
    ② interview: for only those applicants whose application has passed the screening
    ※ Interviews can be conducted online.
    ※ In default of entries meeting selection criteria, there will be no selection for the year.

Production investment support program

  • A. Support condition: maximum budget of 100 million KRW, within the total amount of net production budget
    ※ Partial investment is available.
    ※ Selected applicants must manage production and investment as well as report project details.
  • B. Support system: profit must be shared based on the rate of investment in the total production cost.
    ※ In the case of JEONJU IFF as a partial investor, there must be prior consent with the main investor when concluding a contract.

Compliance details

  • A. The final selected project must have its world premiere screening at JEONJU IFF.
  • B. Selected projects must insert logos or names in the film and promotional materials.
    ※ Please check the Guidelines of Credit for Film attached below.
  • C. A project which has been already applied to support programs of other film festivals or organizations can be submitted. (However, the project which has world premier condition included other film festivals cannot submit.)
  • D. Final selected projects must submit completed DCP to JEONJU IFF.
    ※ completion term: release version of DCP completed post-production like CG, DI, and sound mixing
  • E. Submitted projects must be newly created and are available to make into all forms of diversity films including theatrical movies. They must not have any copyright issues or legal controversies.
  • F. Final selected projects must participate in the JEONJU Cinema Project showcase and festival events.
  • G. Projects selected from January to July 2021 should finalize their films until April 2022, while projects selected from August to December 2021 should finalize until April 2023.
  • H. Selected applicants must write up contracts based on budget documents from the application. (If the contracts are different from the original budget document by over 10%, the selection can be reconsidered.)


JEONJU IFF’s JEONJU Project team – JEONJU Cinema Project

① E-mail:
② Tel: 02-2285-0562